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I was reading a post my sister made the other day on one of her social media pages. She said she “breaks down in tears every time some one shows me an unexpected kindness.” Not that I judge my sister and her emotions; Trust me, there have been hundreds of grateful tears that I have shed! But as I read her post, something struck me. This is coming from the woman who would take the coat off her back, the shoes out of her closet, and the last dollar on her wallet when she sees a need.

This is someone who has spent countless hours babysitting (for free!!!), cooking meals for friends, use her last gallons of gas to run errands with or for friends and family! Sits in the hospital and holds your hand (even though she HATES hospitals); Just to drive the point home, let me mention how she helped a family member raise two children (having no children of her own… YET!!!)… She is the type of lady who sees a need and does what she can to answer it!!!

So, why is she so shocked, moved, even… broken when someone sees her need and treats her with the same level of kindness that she has done for others? I know she would say, “I didn’t do those things so that someone would do it for me.” I was raised in the same family and I know the lessons of giving of oneself that we were taught. “Give, not to receive, but give to show love.” I agree, I know that when we give of ourselves, we are a true extension of God’s arms and demonstration of His love!

Some call it Karma, others call it the “Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you”; and my favorite, “You reap what you sow!” But when these lessons are being taught, it is generally in the corrective tone to prevent a behavior instead of encouraging one.

84100d5c027164b9df06781c04017db5I particularly like the sowing and reaping example because it is a law! The law of “Sowing and Reaping” is just as real as the law of “Gravity”! The law of gravity states, what goes up, must come down. The law of sowing and reaping states, you reap what you sow, you reap later than you sow and you reap MORE than you sow.

A farmer plants a kernel of corn; during the harvest he reaps stalks of corn!!! One apple seed reaps a whole tree of apples! You sow a seed; wait a while, then a whole harvest grows!!! SEED… TIME… AND HARVEST!!! It’s a law!

I see all the kind deeds that my sister has done as seeds she has sown into countless lives! So why is she so shocked when she receives the harvest? I venture to say, she has not mastered the GRACE of RECEIVING to the same capacity that she has mastered sowing. She has sown with no expectation of harvest! Imagine every time corn raises up out of the dirt, the farmer falling to his knees in tears thanking the ground that did exactly as it was suppose to do… PRODUCE!!! The farmer does not THANK the ground. The farmer reaps, thanks God & CONTINUES SOWING!!!

Many of us, like my sister have given of ourselves selflessly with no expectation of pay or return. However, those seeds are sown!!! You reap what you sow!! Karma, the “Golden Rule”, they apply when you have given kindness as well!!! We just need to learn the grace of the farmer, receive, thank God and keep sowing! We shouldn’t act as if we are taken aback when the blessings we have sown chases us down and finally catches us. We ARE deserving of life’s riches and bounty!!! The law of “Sowing and Reaping”, means our harvests are looking for us!!! Don’t forget, it takes time for the seed to germinate. So don’t be discouraged when you do not see blades of harvest immediately. Your season of Harvest is coming, and when it gets there… You will reap MORE than you sow!!!

Be encouraged!!! This is the year when our dreams are going to be realized… this means many, many, harvest!!! May your harvest be bountiful, and may you have the grace to receive, be grateful and continue sowing!!!

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