Not By Your Sweat, But By Your Seed

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Have you ever wondered why some people work so hard and barely get anywhere, where as others seem to have what they want easily without any problems. What is the difference? How can we have the sweat-less victories that we have watched from a distance? It’s YOUR SEED… It’s the law of SEED, time and HARVEST that will make it happen.

Most of us have a full understanding of this law when it comes to food. Someone, PLANTs apple seeds, time passes by, and an apple tree grows. That simple! So why don’t we associate this law to EVERYTHING else. That popular proverb, ‘’whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap.’’ It is clear that food is not the only reaping as it is spoken or said, “flesh” and even harvesting a crop of “corruption”.

When we truly EMBRACE the idea of what we sow, we will reap, it should be easier to be NICE, HELP others, GIVE freely, VOLUNTEER and TREAT others the way you want to be treated. It should be easier, because it directly connects what you want from life to the seeds we are sowing. It’s not all about your tireless hard work – we don’t have to sweat hard to reap… we have to SOW!


It works! It really does! Have you practiced being kind and giving and being a good friend? Have you been told you have “The Gift of Friendship?’’ You have given money, time, creativity and whatever it was that your friends, relatives, colleagues or even strangers needed? Think! And if you answer ‘’yes’’ to all the questions, then you have been sowing, and guess what? You will reap! That is not a prayer being said there, it’s natural phenomenon!

‘’I love making others feel good and happy!!! Now, I am in the season of life when I need to place a demand on those seeds I have sown.’’ IT WORKS!… I have experienced people pouring into me and giving of themselves without any demands!!

First it took me by surprise… and I had to recall a previous article “The Grace of Receiving”. But what I have realized is that, my seed met my need! God has prepared the system of sowing and reaping to replenish the earth with all manner of seeds. When we embrace that, ‘’IT’S NOT BY OUR SWEAT, BUT BY OUR SEED,’’ we will invest in the process of sowing in every aspect of our lives!

So, what are you waiting for? Sow Now!







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