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So, you’ve decided to turn up the heat and be better, more effective, to push your self further on the journey towards the fulfilled and successful life. But success doesn’t just happen. Success is a combination of habits and traits that are implemented, resulting in your desired goal.

Here are a few of the habits consistently found in super successful people.


 1. Be resilient

Successful people are RESILIENT and bounce back from any set back. Successful people see set backs as lessons of what to avoid in the future. Be optimistic that the set back is a season and the future will bring opportunities that will lead you to your success. Be strong and keep pushing forward no matter what!

2. Have a sense of urgency

Don’t put things off! Do it now! Attack your list of things to do! If it is important enough to be put on your list, it is important enough to it do NOW! Successful people move with a sense of purpose and are busy completing tasks that lead them to the future they want.

3. Prioritize

Get ORGANIZED. Know what needs to be done and what is most important. Place your attention on the most important item and complete what you need to do in order. Don’t waste time, energy or money on things of little importance. If it is not a priority, reassign the task to someone else.

4. Be kind

As you climb your ladder to success, be kind as you go up. You never know who you’ll pass on your journey, or the role they may play in your future. Being kind doesn’t cost anything, but you may REAP the rewards of a smile or great disposition in your future. Remember, if you’re in a position to help someone today, it’s not because you’re the smartest or most brilliant. No, it’s because, someone above -God, has strategically placed you in that position. And guess what? It’s an opportunity to help yourself help God do more for you. So, if you don’t do it, it doesn’t cost HIM -God, anything to raise another person to help/assist that individual you’ve refused to help. So, think! HELP! Support others to grow! Don’t be envious! Don’t be jealous!


5. Get moving!

Working out not only keeps your body healthy, but it gets your mind flowing as well. Studies have shown that EXERCISE plays a part in brain health as well as body health. Successful people live a balanced healthy lifestyle in order to keep up with the demands of their drive. Keep fit, take walk, run/jog. You can have fun doing so too. Yes! real fun. Do it with your entire family. Your wife/husband and children. When one is tired, throw jokes -laugh, push them -encourage. You can do it in your home.

6. Eat healthy

Healthy snacks help successful people maintain their stamina throughout the day. HEALTHY food feeds the brain and can help increase focus, productivity and memory. Eating foods high in protein and low in sugar are healthier options to fuel the body and mind and keep you going.

7. Go above and beyond

Whatever you find your self doing, do it to the best of your ability! No short cuts, no rushing through the process. Go beyond what is asked of you! Make your presence valuable. Be a step ahead of the competition! Be INNOVATIVE – think outside of the box! Anticipate the next step and meet the need before you are asked!

8. Take risk

Successful people take risks. Study, prepare and do your due diligence then… go for it! Risks can reap HUGE rewards! Don’t be afraid to bet on your ideas. Don’t give up. Sometimes it takes time, and you have to be patient and determined. You may not get help where you thought help would come from, but just BELIEVE and stick to doing that which you dream of. Surely, help will come from God, especially if you remain diligent. Don’t let what people think or say about you affect your dreams. Remember, you can’t please the whole world, after all! So, just do your own thing! Take a RISK!

9. Be a giver

Sow into others. It will come back to you in measures that will surprise you. When you make others dreams come true… It will certainly happen for you! Don’t sow, expecting reward from people you have helped. That is not sowing. Don’t give because the person you are sowing into his life also serves or is useful to you in a way or the other. That is not sowing. CHARITY, is the true love of God. Give freely and God will reward you abundantly!

10. Meditate, Pray and submit to God!

Think! Ok, you’re blessed, things are going on well for you and everything you touch turns to gold. That is GRACE from above and not your power, strength or knowledge. Simply recognize that you are blessed because HE chose to bless you! Humble yourself! Remember, God detests pride. Be grateful and know that something bigger than you has got you!




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