Australian Cities Hold Anti-Islam Rallies






A series of small anti-Islam rallies have been held across Australia, with police reportedly forced to intervene to separate protesters from rival, anti-racism demonstrators in the city of Melbourne.

Between 500-800 people gathered in the pouring rain in Martin Square in Sydney’s central business district on Saturday for one of the largest demonstrations, which were held in a number of state capitals and regional centres.

A speaker, who called himself “the great Aussie patriot”, addressed the Sydney crowd, saying: “Out of the world’s 1.5 billion muslims that live on this planet, only 15-20 percent of them are extremists, yet 15-20 percent is around 300 million extremist muslims who are dedicated to the takeover and downfall of western civilisation.”

“Now Muslims have an average of five to eight children per family. So the number of extremists raising all their kids with this point of view…”

In Melbourne, 100 police had to physically stand between anti-Islam demonstrators and counter-protesters in the city’s Federation Square top prevent clashes.

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