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Here’s to the hardest working women, those who populate the world, take seeds and form forests. Women who nurture dreams, cultivate our purpose, kiss our boo boos, make us laugh, wipe our tears, hug us tight. They give us unconditional love, our greatest cheerleaders, and our enemy’s worst nightmare. From changing diapers to commanding boarding rooms! They inspire us to greatness, encourage us to face our fears and launche us toward our destiny! The secret keepers, motivators and the very best friends… Mothers!!!

I never realized just how special Jacqueline Ann was, until I realized, my definition of Mother did not fit everyone’s description. What was normal to me seemed extraordinary to many of my friends who got to know her. So many others called her Mom because they wanted my experience of motherhood to be their reality. She was truly an angel.

See, I grew up as every normal teenager, thinking her ways and antics were outdated and she just didn’t know what she was talking about. But somewhere along the way… as the years passed, and maturity began to set in… my perspective on her wisdom, strength and courage changed. She was such an amazing woman! A survivor, a victor! A soaring example to many!


She wasn’t perfect, but her heart was pure! She gave to so many! The “church mother” who advised doctors, lawyers, bishops, chiefs…. all with her high school diploma! Her advice was far from textbook! It was Spirit inspired! She operated in discernment, encouragement. But she was tough! Advice such as “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, then kill them with kindness” did not fall on deaf ears.

My mother was AMAZING!!!! Her death shattered hearts all over the world! But her legacy lives on. Her advice is still followed by men and women all over the world! She touched lives and she had no idea the impact she was making. Her words echo in our hearts as we remember the many conversations that led us to decisions as we travel the path toward our purpose! My favorite… “Never make someone a priority, when you are only an option to them!”…Priceless!!! And even though she is no longer with me, she is missed daily, and lives on, in her advice that she has given, the inspiration she planted in us, and the words of wisdom she spoke over us.

Now, I am sure my mother was not the only mother out there that was such a special gift to the world. I know your mothers are amazing as well. If she is alive, honour her! Esteem her greatly, Tell her while you can, just what you think of her! Pour your love on her now while she can enjoy it! But if she is not with you, Honour her with your life! Honour her by fulfilling the dreams and purpose that she cultivated in you as you grew up! Be what she hoped for when she found out you were in her womb and on the way! Honour your mother, the legacy, and the memories you have of her. Leave a comment and tell us how just how amazing your Mom is.


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