You’ll Win, Just Don’t Give Up!


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Have you ever found yourself in the position of working hard in every area of your life? When everything seems to be pulling at you, draining you or just hard? Even though you love what you do, you are ready for the next level and the pull seems to be leaving you empty, tired and weary? But at the same time, you know in your heart and soul that your breakthrough is just around the corner!

What do you do in your “mean time”? I’ve been contemplating this question some time now. As I aspire to my next great and wealthy place in my career, my relationships and my finances, I find myself frustrated at the effort and seemingly little results in response to such effort. What do you do with the frustration of not yet seeing the work pay off, when you are weary and uninspired?

The Disney movie character Dora from “Finding Nemo” said it best, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…!” perseverance is the key! According to the dictionary, perseverance is the steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. When we push through fatigue, we win! When we see our obstacles and face them instead of retreat, we win! When we have challenges, how we face them defines the person we are and the person we will become!


There are times in all of our lives when we come up against trials, tribulations and turmoil. Sometimes, it all happens at once. It seems too much and overwhelming. It is in these times that the strength of who we are and who we are becoming rises up to carry us to our destiny. We are stronger than we give ourselves credit. We are built to persevere, built to endure, to survive, and to conquer… To BE… MORE THAN CONQUERORS.

When you are feeling weary, tired and don’t know what to do… STOP! don’t move, breathe and reconnect with your original purpose, commitment and reason why. Reevaluate what the dream outcome will be. Measure your progress thus far. Weigh the sacrifices you have already made. Then, ask your self the big question… What will I lose if I don’t continue? Then one more question, what do I stand to gain if I do continue?

Perseverance, endurance, stamina… all qualities of true Champions. Winners find their way to victory! It does not mean that tribulations will not come, or that obstacles will not interfere with our best-laid plans. However, what we do when these trials come, defines not only who we are, but also… what we will become. Remember, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” You are almost there! Don’t be weary in well doing; you will win if you just don’t give up!

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