Can Money Buy Love?


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We live in a world where, being successful is defined by the level of financial or material wealth a person has been able to attain, not minding how the wealth is acquired. People are no longer appreciated based on who they are, but on what they are and that which can be gotten from them.

Can money buy true love? How true and real can your love be without money and vice versa?

Agreed money makes the world go round, but is it possible to live in a world devoid of love? The first thing that comes to mind when a much younger lady is seen with an older man is that she is with him for money or material things. The same goes for a younger man that dates an older woman.

I believe one can fall in love with anyone irrespective of age or background. I also believe that money can help in getting a good and comfortable life that makes true love worth the while, but it definitely can’t buy love. It’s true, money can buy sex but not the heart of the person you are having sex with. I have actually come to realize that it’s almost impossible to love someone and not give to that person; after
all love is all about giving and making sacrifices, financially, materially, emotionally or morally. We are always ready to give to that one special person.


Therefore, it is safe to say that it is impossible to love without sharing whatever you have with your partner, though it might be possible to give to someone without any emotional attachment to that person. The belief that a woman’s affection can be bought with money is quite erroneous and untrue. When a woman truly loves, she does so with all of her heart, soul and body, not minding the status of the man and she
expects to be loved in return. The exceptions that we have to this rule are probably those women who have in one way or the other learnt their lessons the hard way, and consequently decided not to go into any relationship for love, but for what they can get out of it. Relationships of convenience, so to say! There are also ladies who have vowed not to love men with their hearts because of what they or people around them have gone through in wrong relationships.

Ladies, enough is enough of being seen as opportunists or gold diggers, its high time our integrity and dignity speak for us, even in our relationships. Knowing the true value of relationship helps us to manage our love life better and make it more enjoyable and fulfilling. The ability to see beyond the present and the potentials that lie within a prospective lover should be upper most in our hearts. We shouldn’t be entranced by what money can buy and be trapped in the “illusion” of Love. True Love stands the test of time while the “illusion” crumbles when faced with the harsh realities of life.


An important factor that is worthy of mention is that we should do all we can within reasonable means to be women of substance, those that can add value to the life of their eventual men. Let’s not be seen as liability. Being able to hold one’s own in the midst of any challenge is a woman’s pride. Her love definitely can’t be bought with money. Her heart is indeed priceless and any man that has such a woman is blessed!
The scriptures can not be broken as we are asked never to despise the days of Little beginnings, that your man has nothing today doesn’t make him less of a man or a loser. Look within and see the great potentials that you can help nurture to fruition with your words of encouragement and support.

You will be glad you did when the rewards come! Have a great weekend as you ponder over these words! Love y’all!!!

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