HAJJ: Emir Sanuni Proposes End to ‘’Stoning The Devil’’












IF the opinion of Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi II, tallies with the thinking of President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian pilgrims to the hajj will no longer perform the ‘’stoning of the devil rites’’ during the annual event, starting from next year.

Disturbed by the loss of many lives at this year’s hajj, Emir Sanusi, who led Nigerian delegation to Saudi Arabia, will recommend to the Federal Government, that an end be put to that particular rite.

Apparently troubled by the death of about 70 Nigerians during the stoning of the devil, Emir Sanusi said the rites were not worth the blood of any Muslim, saying refusal to perform the rituals does not invalidate pilgrims’ Hajj.

“During the era of Prophet Muhammad, he permitted pilgrims who came on camels to stay in Makkah after Arafat, instead of staying in Mina and sleeping at Muzdalifa,’’ the Emir quoted the Qur’an.

“So, if the Prophet could give such grace to some people, just to protect their animals, why didn’t our scholars educate our people properly to avoid this untoward hardship and death.

“Therefore, it will be part of my recommendations to the federal government that, if we cannot get accommodation close to Jamrat where the Arabs reside in Mina, then this year may be the last time we will sleep in Mina and Muzdalifa because we want to stone the devil.

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