ROAD RAGE: Fatal Accident Averted in Lagos













Tunrayo Oyebode






FATALITY was averted Sunday night following a road rage involving at least two vehicles in Lagos, leaving one person unconscious.

Eyewitness told 24/7 inquirer, that the incident, which happened at Yaba Bus Stop Sunday night, left at least three vehicles damaged.

Trouble was said to have started at Jibowu area of Lagos State, just a few kilo metres from the scene of the accident, between drivers of a Toyota car and Volkswagen Sharon bus.

The bus driver allegedly took off after breaking the side mirror of the Toyota, resulting in a chase by the aggrieved driver.

On catching up with the bus at Yaba Bus- Stop, the speeding Toyoya reportedly hit the Volkswagen bus from the rear, resulting in it tumbling and on landing, hitting another vehicle.

The injured person was rushed to the hospital for treatment.























































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