Buhari’s Utterances Debarring Nigeria’s Progress – PDP












THE Peoples Democratic Party – PDP, has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of discouraging foreign investors from investing in the country.

The PDP Sunday said President Buhari has labeled Nigerians negatively and painted the country’s economy wrongly before the rest of the world.

PDP spokesman, Olisa Metuh, who signed the statement, said Buhari’s utterances had caused a lot of damages in the progress of the nation, saying that such statements have destroyed the confidence of both domestic and international investors in the Nigerian economic and social system.

“Whereas we have restated our total support for the war against corruption, we insist that Mr. President’s unceasing blanket negative labeling of citizens, in a country where millions of honest and hard-working individuals/firms are genuinely contributing daily to the development effort, is indeed a disservice and injurious to the nation and the people,’’ the PDP said.

Another part of the statement also said: “Furthermore, Mr. President’s recent announcement to the world that the nation, with its abundant human and natural resources, is broke and cannot pay cabinet ministers, not only sends a discouraging signal to the domestic and international business community, but also exposes the ineptitude of the present administration to meaningfully and sincerely exert itself and work with industrious and innovative investors to create and manage wealth.”

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