Face Your Giants… Difficulty Does Not Equal DEFEAT!


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Have you ever set a goal that you wanted to accomplish, or needed to accomplish, but every obstacle in the world seems to be coming against you? Maybe it is building a business, finishing a degree, or building your savings account. The goal is significant, but not immediate, and it feels likes it will never happen. It feels as if you can’t do it because the sacrifice is too great! The decision you make in THAT moment, the choice you make in that second when you are feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, or tired will make the difference between success or failure… accomplishment or crash… victory or defeat!

Every goal or dream will require something of you. It may be a considerable amount of time, effort, and even money to cross the finish line. If your goal is significant, you must realize that you need to make a significant sacrifice. The “price of success” is paid in the hours of reading, writing, working, serving, and giving. The price is paid with every sacrifice of time, money or effort sown into the dream. The price of success is paid with every pain, sweat, or tears shed.


So, what should you do when you are overwhelmed? When you are in the “Valley of Self Doubt”? What should you do…

First, take a step back and remember your “WHY”! Why did you get started? Why did you set this goal? What pain did you face that made you choose to begin, and what pain WILL you face if you do not finish?

Often times, it is the PROCESS that challenges us to complete the goal. It is the obstacles that were unforeseen that need answers. Begin looking for your answers. Where can you find the extra time? How can you earn some extra money? What sacrifices can you make to make it to the finish line?

When you begin to focus on solutions, solutions will come! The law of focus says, “Whatever you focus on will expand” Set your focus on solutions, and solutions will begin to flow.

In the middle of the challenge, when you become overwhelmed, break your task into smaller tasks. The total challenge may be huge and daunting. However, breaking the job into smaller tasks or “chunking” the project into palatable pieces will help you make it past your barriers to your goals. When asked, ‘’ how they can run 42.195 kilometers’’ a marathon runner’s answer was surprisingly simple… “I run one kilometer at a time, and then I do it again, and again until I am finished.” That is a truth of every goal. Degrees are earned class by class; businesses are built, contract-by-contract; Books are written page-by-page. Breaking the goal up into smaller pieces, make the task easier to accomplish.


Another thing you should do when you are overwhelmed and discouraged by the big task in front of you is to do as that young David did when he faced the giant in his life, Goliath! Remember? When David decided he must face Goliath, he began reminding himself of all the other victories he had that prepared him to face Goliath. David had already faced a lion, and a bear. He reminded himself of that success felt great! He reminded himself of his previous success and he was able to forge ahead.

Finally, when the dream you have been working toward seems daunting and the cost of success is weighing you down, you must begin to speak to the goal and take the posture of authority. What you say to yourself in the midst of your struggle will manifest! If you are saying, “I can’t do this”, “I am overwhelmed” or “This is too hard”, failure will manifest. However, if you begin speaking what you want to see unfold in your life, “I am challenged, but I am thriving”, “This is almost over, and I will win!” or “I am strong enough to accomplish anything I set my mind on!” You will call success to begin to manifest in your life. Watch your words, they will become actions! Those actions can drive you closer to finishing the goal, or accomplishing the dream!

Pay the price of success, it will be worth the pain, sweat and tears you have invested! Later, you will recall this victory as motivation that “difficulties” does not equal defeat. As you press to overcome the obstacles, you will earn the respect of success from others, but more importantly yourself. This victory will scream to the world, “Nothing can hold me back! Nothing can stop me!” When you give your all to establish your dream, it will happen. “Nothing” never comes from hard work!

Trust me, HARDWORK always yields dreams, goals and accomplishments!

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