LIFE! By The Yard it’s Hard, But By The Inch it’s a Cinch


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Have you ever started a big project, you knew it was going to take time but right in the middle of it every challenge or difficulty came at you! A project like, going back to school to get that degree you’ve always wanted (and at this point in your career, you need it). As much as you want to do it, the balance of work, home and school is frustrating, stressful and overwhelming! What are you going to do? Maybe, you’ve always wanted a baby and you are in that first trimester, and “morning sickness” is really “all day sickness”, and you have more aches and pains than you’ve ever read about and the weight gain doesn’t have you glowing and beautiful as you imagined! What are you going to do?

It could be buying a house, and your credit is poor, or your budget is tight and there is no room for buying Christmas gifts or new cute outfits or going on the much needed vacation, because every dime earned beyond your bare necessities, is being saved for the home you want to own. What are you going to do?

Anyone can start a project! Every year millions of people start school, want to have babies, want a home ownership; but what happens in the middle of establishing the dream is… the determination, the courage, the stamina, the hard work, the sweat, the sleepless nights, the tears, the aches, the pain, the fears, the worry… the self talk! What are you going to do?

Once you start, it’s the middle that will determine your success or failure, your struggle or enjoyment, your defeat or victory! To have the best outcome possible, here are three key elements that will help you with reaching your goal, with your sanity in tack:






FOCUS on the promise, not the process! What ever you focus on expands! Did you know the law of focus is just as powerful as the law of gravity? When shooting an arrow, if you look at the target, and focus on it, until that is all you see, then release your arrow, you will successfully hit your target every time. In the middle of the process you have to remind yourself why you started! Focus on the degree, the healthy baby or the house. See yourself with the promotion, family or safe haven that you dream of! As you focus on the promise of the hard work, the value of the end will turn what seemed to be overwhelming obstacles, into doable challenges.

WATCH your mouth! What you say in the middle of the process has more to do with the final outcome than you know. You may have a lot of thoughts, but your brain will not believe you until you say it out loud! Once you confess something, you are saying, “This is how it will be!” The original definition of the word confess, is “to say something, then agree, admit and acknowledge it.” What ever you say about your process, you are really making happen. If you say, “I can’t”… you won’t. If you say, “This is challenging, but I am thriving!” You will do exactly that… “THRIVE” right

on to victory. Watch your words, they become your reality.

STEP– by-step, day by day! “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” Nor are dreams! As you go toward your goal, be in the moment, focus on the dream, and chip away at it little by little, class by class, week by week. There is an old saying, “ It’s a cinch by the inch; but it is hard by the yard”. Instead of worrying about how much is left, work hard in the moment and win little battles and you will accomplish the goal!

So, what are you going to do? You are going to focus on the promise, watch your mouth, making sure you only say positive words about your dream, and you are going to chip away at it daily! There are those that only start working toward a dream, and then there are those that finish it. The difference between the two is what happened in the middle of the process.

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