Amaechi Can’t Guarantee Buhari’s Return – Says ‘There’s Corruption in This Govt’







IT will be more difficult  for President Muhammadu Buhari to return as Nigeria’s number one citizen in 2019 than it was three years ago, one of his (Buhari’s) cabinet members has admitted.


Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transport, told journalists on Thursday that Buhari’s return could not be guaranteed because of the perception of Nigerians that the president had failed to meet their expectations.

“It was not easy last time but it will be more difficult now. Why it would be difficult, more difficult? Expectations were too high, and a lot of people felt that we did not meet those expectation but they are not looking at what it takes to meet those expectations,” Amaechi said.

“I will nearly be a foolish man to say that there is no corruption in this government, but compare the magnitude if there is any.

The former Rivers State Governor however, warned that corruption would return to the country “automatically” if Buhari is voted out in 2019.

“Let me tell you, if we don’t win, corruption will come back automatically,” he said.

“Before it was with impunity. Now there are consequences for stealing.

He also said Nigerian youths would be held responsible if any for reason, ruling All Progressives Congress – APC, failed to return to power in 2019.

“For any reason we lose election, you the young ones are taking yourselves and Nigeria 10 steps backwards because the elites who left through PDP are waiting in the wind.”


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