Nigerian Traders in Ghana Turn to ‘Begging’ as Authorities Lock up Shops Own by Foreigners

NIGERIAN traders in Ghana have resorted to begging for survival over closure of their shops by the Ghana Union of Traders Association –GUTA, members have said.

In 2019, over 600 shops operated by foreigners were closed down in Ghana for engaging in retail business exclusively reserved for local traders.

Secretary-General of the Nigerian Union of Traders Association Ghana – NUTAG, Comrade Evaristus Nwankwo, said members of the association have been subjected to severe economic hardship the locking up of shops.

Nwankwo said some of the Nigerian traders have been forced to go back home.

The Nigerian traders have insisted that they are permitted to trade in the country by ECOWAS protocols and have made several appeals to stakeholders for amicable intervention.

Nwankwo appealed to the Ghanaian government to intervene and have their shops reopened.

“There are serious challenges and that is why we are pleading with the government. Most of our members have resorted to begging from some of us whose shops are still open. They come to ask for GH¢100, GH¢50,” the Secretary-General of NUTAG said.

“In one of our meetings, we had to do a freewill donation to accommodate those who are at Circle. Some have children who are sick and need medication all the time. I know about five of them who have gone back to Nigeria. Is this good news for the Ghana government? I don’t think so. It is giving a negative image to this country,” Nwankwo added.

Meanwhile, local traders are also pushing for the enforcement of Ghana’s laws that prohibit foreigners from engaging in retail trade.

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