Handcuffed Suspect Escapes After Shooting Police Officer

A massive search for a fugitive shown on security video shooting a Pennsylvania police officer three times while in handcuffs stretched into its second day on Monday as authorities warned that the runaway suspect is a danger to the community.


As police fanned out across suburban Pittsburgh in search of Koby Lee Francis, 22, authorities came under scrutiny over how the suspect had the gun he used in the shooting despite being arrested, searched and placed in the back of a police SUV patrol vehicle.

Investigators also struggled to explain how Francis, who was handcuffed from behind when he was taken into custody on suspicion of violating a protective order, managed to get his cuffed hands in front of him and ambush the officer.

Officials played security video of the shooting that occurred just after 4 p.m. Sunday outside the McKeesport Police Department.

The footage shows Athans exiting the patrol vehicle and walking around to the rear passenger-side door. As soon as he opened the door, gunshots rang out, and Athans doubled over as he staggered to the front of the vehicle for cover. Francis is seen emerging from the vehicle and firing at least one more shot at Athans, who drew his gun and returned fire.

Athans emptied his gun, but there was no evidence that Francis was hit as he ran from the scene.

Following the exchange of gunfire, Athans radioed a police dispatcher that he had been shot and that the armed suspect was on the run and still in handcuffs, McDonough said.

Earlier on Sunday, Francis went to the McKeesport Police Department to be served with a protective order. He left the police department angry and went to pick up his infant son, in violation of the protective order.

Police were called to the Harrison Village public housing complex in McKeesport at about 3:55 p.m. Sunday after Francis was accused of going there, McDonough said. By the time officers arrived, Francis was gone.

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