France Probing Bomb Threat on a flight From Chad to Paris – Officials

FRENCH authorities are probing a bomb threat made against an Air France plane flying from the capital of Chad to Paris which landed without incident on Thursday, the interior ministry said.

“The passengers have been disembarked. Checks are underway,” a statement from the ministry said.

After the threat during the flight from N’Djamena to the French capital, the plane was escorted to Charles de Gaulle airport by a French Rafale fighter jet.

An airport source said that the plane had parked in a special area reserved for security operations, and searches of the seating area and the baggage bays were taking place.

Elite fast-response security forces were on the scene briefly, but have departed, the source said.

A spokesman for the air force said the pilot of the plane had informed authorities of a bomb threat made over the radio during the flight.

“This type of threat is unusual and will lead to an investigation,” the spokesperson said.