The inaction of those who could act and the silence of the voice of justice when it matters most are two of the major reasons why evil and bad leadership have triumphed in Africa and some other part of the world today.

24/7 Inquirer is a US based online news publication established with the purpose to inform, educate, entertain and update our readers with minute-by-minute events Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world.

We pledge to present unbiased, concise, balanced, investigative and timely reports. For breaking news around the world, we will be first.

We shall take advantage of social networks and other tools on the Internet to represent the voiceless, who would not speak because they are terrified and taught to accept bad leaders and fear intimidation.

The need to give back to the society prompted our decision to create forums through which our readers/followers and the voiceless will have the opportunity to express their feelings/opinions on issues concerning humanity. Big or small, issues that, if not addressed, will jeopardize our future will be discussed with the intent to improving and hopefully changing our lives for better.

One of such forums is: ‘’KayK’s Corner,’’ an inspirational page, where motivational speaker, KayK will instill new energy and vigour in our hearts.

‘’Girls’ Gist With Oyin’’ is a page for all women. Our experienced counselor , Oyin, will moderate a discussion forum, where major relationship issues will be discussed with the aim to jointly finding solutions to them. It promises to be a blast!

Readers are also encouraged to send in true life experience stories for publication in our ‘’True life story’’ page. Contributors’ identity will be protected, as names will not be published without writer’s consent. The objective of this page is for our readers to learn from others experience.

24/7 Inquirer is not affiliated to, or sponsored by any political party, group or organization. Our allegiance goes only to our esteemed readers, fans and followers around the world.


24/7 Inquireryour voice will set you free!


Yours sincerely,
Ademola Aluko
Publisher/CEO – 24/7 Inquirer


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