Why you need to advertise with us

As an international online publication, 24/7 Inquirer reaches out to audience/readers not only in Africa, but also countries all over the world.

With strong followers in Africa, America, Europe and Asia, using the power of the internet, is the ideal avenue to reach your target markets in order to achieve instant impact.

Your business/products will be viewed 24/7 by thousands of people as it will be displayed all day and night.

We guarantee you a strategically placed advertisement to achieve 100-percent relevant views.

You can also place interactive adverts with us. This will enable you use surveys and feedbacks to maximize your effectiveness.

Unlike other medium of advertisement, you are assured of captive audience. Your ads cannot be ignored or skipped as it will be boldly and strategically placed to allow you reach large audience.

We offer international exposure for about the cost of local advertising rates.


24/7 Inquireryour voice will set you free


To advertise with us, email us :

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